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Question about new system protection alerts I'm getting- very unusual


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Hey all, had a question-  I've had Wise Care running in the background for a while, and by and large it's been very silent (no alerts, pings, notifications, etc.). 

But recently I've had two, and they repeat, and I'm a little curious about them. 

One is for Malwarebytes.  Which I do have installed, and have the pro version, and have up and running in the background. 

The other is for a program called 'Integrator.exe' located in a Microsoft Office sub folder (Microsoft Office/root/Integration).


I've scanned both files online and they seem fine.  My concern comes just comes from the fact that Wise Care has never pinged me before with these programs.  And I've had both for years.  Long before Wise Care, and since using Wise Care, Wise Care has never alerted to these two program before.  Nor actually, any other program.  Looks like I've had Wise Care since about this time last year.  Almost to the day, it seems.  Nov 9, 2022.

Overall I think it's probably fine but want to check.  I checked the md5 hash for the Mbytes   .exe file in an online database but nothing came up.  That's probably common though.

Any suggestions?  Pic of the Malwarebytes alert is attached.  I took a snap of the Integrator one... but can't seem to find in.

maleware bytes wisecare.jpg

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On 11/19/2023 at 6:59 PM, xilolee said:


If you know the publisher, the program and its location (because you use it often or all the days, and you tested it with your antivirus or virustotal): tick the checkbox "no longer show this location" and click allow.



Hey, ok, thanks.  It bothered me because I've never seen Wise ping for Malwarebytes before.  And I've had Mbytes for years.  Actually, I've never seen this function of WiseCare give this warning for anything before.  I don't think I'd changed any settings in WC. 


But maybe just for posterity-  What function in WC gives these alerts?  I'll look to see if maybe I did change something.


With Mbytes I do know the program and location.  But with the Office Integrator one, I'm not sure at all.  I have Office installed, but this .exe is unknown to me and the location of course would be unknown......

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Dear user,

Please try this:

1. Open Wise Care 365

2. Click Drop-down menu>Settings>System Protect> Protections

3. If the Install driver or service item is turned on, such System Protection window will pop up in some cases. 

For more detail about the System Protection feature, you can refer to this guideline:




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