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[New Release] Wise Care 365 v6 has released the beta version.


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One the best cleaners out there. I always recommend this program to the masses. I do have some suggestions.


Offer: Dark Mode currently it's Blue/White I Black/Black


Integrate Wise Game Booster to free up system resources this is a must. I usually run that wise game booster before running Wise Care 365.

When you install Windows 11 from upgrade Wise Care 365 5.9.1 didn't remove old Windows.old directory. Sure the new storage feature was the only way to remove it. Couldn't just manually wipe or delete the Windows.old folder.


Is this still a 32-bit or did you make 64-bit much needed feature it's 2021 this app should be 64-bit. Just now it's very speedy..

Thanks to all keep up the great work!

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No it doesn't delete that folder I had to use Windows 11 Pro and Home Storage to remove the folder. Why don't you have a 64-bit APL yet? Need to have a dark mode so the white background in the app would be darken. I see the top bar can change colors to go with my all back theme. Maybe in the future you can add malware and rouge cookies for removal as well. That's another bit of slowing down these browser as well. I am sure it can be done on the double click ad cookies.  Why I got your attention System Monitor doesn't understand about APU has 4 cores instead it show it as dual core. 

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