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[New Release] Wise Duplicate Finder v2

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Comprehensive Upgrade of Page Layout Greatly Improves Productivity


Dear friends,


After more than three months of continuous debugging and hard work by the WiseCleaner developers, the fully upgraded Wise Duplicate Finder v2 finally meets everyone! This time we will show you a completely different Wise Duplicate Finder. The biggest change in Wise Duplicate Finder v2 is the new adjustment to the page layout.


We mainly focus on three improvements in Wise Duplicate Finder v2:


New interface layout enhances user productivity

The main body of the page is divided into several modules: File, Home, View, Options and Upgrade (Free version). You can clearly see that they are placed in the upper left position when you open the program. In the previous version, the advanced selection function and the content in the Menu are integrated and embedded in the above column. Here you can perform file duplication check, text size adjustment, language change, program setting, etc. The intuitive page layout makes the operation time-saving and greatly improves productivity.


More vivid and energetic icons

Wise Duplicate Finder v2 changes the style of plain text in the past, and pays more attention to the construction of page icons. For example, the drop-down menu of file types adds related icons. The combination of icon and text makes the overall interface more vivid and dynamic. The overall structure looks more layered.



Provide one-stop service function

While exploring the functions of the program itself, developers also focus on bringing quick functions to users. In Wise Duplicate Finder-v2, all scan results are supported for printing. You can also open a file or open a file location in Wise Duplicate Finder. These improvements greatly meet the different needs of users.


Here are some other important improvements that can be available:

1. Adopt a brand-new interface to perfectly solve the problem of interface blur caused by scaling settings

2. Support zooming the text in the scan result: Standard, Large, and Extra-large.

3. Improve the filtering function to support rapid filtering of multiple file types.

4. Support to export scan results to multiple formats, txt, csv, html, excel.


We look forward to you exploring more new features. Valuable feedback is very important to us. With every improvement, we hope to provide you with an engaging and productive experience.


For more details:


Download Wise Duplicate Finder:


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