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New product release statement--- Wise Toys


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Dear users!

We are excited to announce the release of the new product Wise Toys. Welcome to download and try Wise Toys.


Click here to download


Wise Toys is a productivity tool that can help you increase the efficiency of using your computer. It has 2 parts, Plugins, and Search.

  • Plugins is a collection of several practical gadgets. This version contains a total of 11 gadgets. It involves batch modification of file names, QR code generation, translation and video downloading, etc.
  • Search is a local file search engine that supports search plugins, installed programs, documents, pictures, etc.



The following is a list of built-in plugins.

* Batch Rename

Support batch renaming of folders or files.

* Clipboard

The copied content on the Clipboard is easily passed them anywhere.

* Currency Exchange

Provides currency conversion at the latest exchange rates. 


Quickly identify text in pictures & screenshots. 

* Color Picker

The color of any area on the screen can be extracted.

* Steps Recorder

A small tool for recording operation step 

* QR Code

A QR code can be automatically generated according to the text you enter.

* Screen Snip

Takes screenshots anywhere on the screen. 

* Translate

Translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

* Video Downloader

Contains websites that can download videos and audios, such as downloading YouTube.

* NAT (Network Address Translation)

Easily map a local private address to a public one.

* Tiny Image

Compress image files.


Wise Toys is simple and practical. Of course, we still have a lot of space for improvement. Suggestions and comments from you are very welcome. We would be very grateful for that, and we will take your valuable suggestions seriously!


Thank you!

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Quick Guide to use Wise Toys

Video Tutorial: 


1, the main window

  • Alt + Space can call out Wise Toys main window.
  • The close icon on the upper right corner is just to close the main window.
  • Pin icon can make the main window at the top of all windows.
  • Tab key on the keyboard can help you quickly select an item from the search list.


2, Tray icon in the notification

  • Language: the main window (not plugins) supports 5 languages. 
  • Check update: check the new version of the main window.
  • Feedback: Contact us and tell us what you think about Wise Toys.
  • Shortcut: I prefer to call it the "Quick Panel", which supports the addition of 9 commonly used plugins. Press F10 to call it up.
  • Run automatically: Set wise toys to run at Windows startup.
  • Restart: restart Wise Toys.
  • Exit: close Wise Toys including all opened plugins.



3, Fast panel

Press F10 to launch it.



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Release log


Version: 1.0.2

Date: June 11, 2021

What's new:

1, New added 3 plugins: Tiny image, Code converter, and Password generator.

2, Supports to set a shortcut key for a plugin. Quickly launch a plugin without display the main window.

3, Added a quick launch panel. users can add 9 frequently used plugins, quickly launch a plugin from the panel.

4, Supports to run Wise Toys automatically when Windows startup.  

5, Fixed some known bugs.


Update / Download Wise Toys v1.0.2

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