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I can not a folder in my desktop by the aid of wise force deleter. Please hep me !


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I use windows 10.  there is a  folder in my desktop. I want to delete it. but I can't. I have dowloaded wise force deleter.  This software also can not delete the folder.   when I try to delete and click "unlock and delete" , it says " status : not available ". So the folder can not be removed. 


when I try to delete the folder by the aid of windows , I take a message  as  " folder is not in desktop, check the location of it and try again"


Before I downloaded your sofware, I also  tried to delete it by using  windows safe mode , and  windows command window  but everytime I couldn't succed in . please help me !







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Sorry, I have no idea how to fix it.

The property of the "Folder" is a bit strange. The regular property of a folder has no "Open with" option and, its File Type is Folder but with a file extension. I have never seen such a Property.

Please try to change it to a known file type, e.g., txt. Then, it could be deleted.

If it doesn't work, please try another force deleters, or, submit your problem to answers.microsoft.com



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Thanks for your explanation, but I think you misunderstood it due to language of operating system . There is no "open with " option. 

Please be informed that when I try to delete it,  I take error as " the folder is not in this location". 

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No, I understand your problem. 

If Google Translator is right the text in the red box is “Open with”, which only appears on a file's Properties window, not a folder's property window.

If you know how this strange folder appeared on the Desktop, please repeat the operation, then you possibly can delete it.

Or, open C:\Users\your name\Desktop, do you see the folder here? If there is not, please try to create a new folder with the same name, then delete it.


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