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  1. Thanks for your explanation, but I think you misunderstood it due to language of operating system . There is no "open with " option. Please be informed that when I try to delete it, I take error as " the folder is not in this location".
  2. I use windows 10. there is a folder in my desktop. I want to delete it. but I can't. I have dowloaded wise force deleter. This software also can not delete the folder. when I try to delete and click "unlock and delete" , it says " status : not available ". So the folder can not be removed. when I try to delete the folder by the aid of windows , I take a message as " folder is not in desktop, check the location of it and try again" Before I downloaded your sofware, I also tried to delete it by using windows safe mode , and windows command window but everytime I couldn't succed in . please help me !
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