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I purchased WISE DUPLICATE FINDER yesterday (January 14,2021).  The first scan, I was pleased because it did find several duplicate photos.

I then scanned a Photo Folder with 2600 photos.  Wise took 20 minutes to "scan" and then returned results "No Duplicate Found".

I went to website  http://www.duplicatephotosfixer.com/price_pc

I downloaded and scanned.  It found over 100 duplicate in 8 minutes.

I viewed to ensure they WERE Duplicates.  That was the "Free Trial".

I have now purchased duplicatephotosfixer.com and am upset that I paid for this Wise Cleaner not 24 hours ago!

FYI:  Do your "homework" B4 you $$.   YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!  (ie: Free or $13.xx = Worthless)


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Sorry about that.

Wise Duplicate Finder provides 3 different match modes.  Match name and size, Partial match, Exact match.

Please try the third mode Exact Match.

And, please check the "Advanced Option" at the lower right corner, it will affect the scan result if you modified the options.



If you need more help, please feel free to contact support@wisecleaner.com


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We conducted some tests and found the difference between Wise Duplicate Finder and the program you mentioned.

Wise Duplicate Finder is a duplicate file scanner. What file is duplicated? Each byte is exactly the same, there is no difference.

Two examples:

1. B is a copy of A, we say that A and B are duplicates.

2. A is a text file, we create a new text file B, copy and paste the content of A to B, rename it to A, and store it in another location. Wise Duplicate Finder (Quick Match Mode) considers these two files to be duplicates because they have the same name and size. However, these 2 files may not be duplicates in the "exact match" mode.


Let us return to the program you mentioned. It focuses on the content of the image, not the image file.

For example, pictures A and B, look exactly the same, the program you mentioned will think they are duplicates, but Wise Duplicate Finder will compare each of their bytes, as long as there is a little difference, they will not be considered duplicates.


To sum up, if you are looking for duplicate files (the exactly the same), Wise Duplicate Finder is better. If you are looking for similar pictures, the program you mentioned will be better. 


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