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Wise Care 365 wipes my saved Passwords in Chrome


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I searched the Fourm, finding multiple assurances that WiseCare doesn't automatically erase passwords.
That is patently false; since one of the functions in the PC Checkup is to "Clear Useless Files"... and Google Chrome Cache is listed right in there.

The only way I can Keep my passwords intact is to ensure that Chrome is running when I run WiseCare365; and tell it *NOT* to close Chrome ("so it can clear my Cache", doncha know :-( 

Is there a setting to automatically prevent 365 from erasing my passwords every time? (Love the program...but this particular "feature" is beyond annoying...I have to reinstall a dozen-or-so passwords every time I use the program.)

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry about that. 
But I'm very sure that the PC Checkup of Wise Care 365 DOES NOT wipe/clear the Google Chrome saved passwords, nor any other browser saved passwords.
Wise Care 365 supports clearing the browser saved passwords, but it is Common Cleaner not PC Checkup.


Generally, a browser doesn't save the passwords in Cache files. Google Chrome stores the passwords and the usernames in 2 files "Login Data" and "Web Data". You can find these 2 files at

%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\

Please follow the steps below to verify if PC Checkup clears the passwords.

1, Launch Wise Care 365 and click PC Checkup to scan the system, only scan.

2, Click "Useless Files" - "Google Chrome Cache" and check if "Login Data" and "Web Data" are on the list. Then click the Clean button.




3, Press Win + r to open the Run window.

4, Copy the path %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\ and paste it in the Run window, and click OK.


5, Check the folder if the "Login Data" and "Web Data" are still there.

6, Launch Google Chrome and type chrome://settings/autofill in the address bar. In the Autofill, please click Passwords then you will see all saved passwords.



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If an item is ignored, PC Checkup will not clear the item this time and will not check it again in the future. It can be revert from Menu - Settings - Custom Checkup.

If a file is ignored, it is added to the Exclusion list, Wise Care 365 will not clear the file this time and will not check it again in the future. You can view the excluded files at Menu - Settings - Exclusion.

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