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  1. Wow...that is very complete...thanks! One more question...when you Check items in the list you are showing...does that mean that 365 *Ignores* those items, or takes *action* on them (i.e. deletes them)?
  2. I searched the Fourm, finding multiple assurances that WiseCare doesn't automatically erase passwords. That is patently false; since one of the functions in the PC Checkup is to "Clear Useless Files"... and Google Chrome Cache is listed right in there. The only way I can Keep my passwords intact is to ensure that Chrome is running when I run WiseCare365; and tell it *NOT* to close Chrome ("so it can clear my Cache", doncha know :-( Is there a setting to automatically prevent 365 from erasing my passwords every time? (Love the program...but this particular "feature" is beyond annoying...I have to reinstall a dozen-or-so passwords every time I use the program.) Thanks in advance.
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