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Exclusion section. Problems with cookies.


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Hello, I want to inform a bug for the Exclusion section, in Settings.

Settings/Exclusion doesn´t work well for cookies.

1- After a clean install of WDC last version, and keeping the Exclusion list as came in default, Microsoft Edge Cookies shows a number of cookies after a scan (Number A).

2- In Exclusion, I remove some cookies and a new scan finds a higher number of cookies (Number B).

3- In Exclusion, I continue removing all the remained cookies (empty list) and a new scan find a higher number of cookies (Number C).

Here is the problem:
In Exclusion, I add some default cookies and a new scan find the same number of cookies as point 3 (Number C). So, the software didn´t take into account the added cookies.

In Exclusion, I continue adding cookies until obtain the same default list and a new scan find the same number of cookies as point 3 (Number C) (In this case the software, if worked well, had to show the lower number of found cookies in the test like Number A).

The only step I discovered to the software take into account added cookies is to perform an importation of the default list (from a text file), using the Import” button. In this case, having an empty list, if I import the default cookie list, the results after a scan will be as Number A (it is correct).

In conclusion, Exclusion list works fine to remove cookies but doesn´t work to manually add cookies unless the cookies to be added through the Import button.

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I repeated your operation with Wise Disk Cleaner 10.22:

1, keep default exclusion list and scan cookies, it finds 758 items,

2, remove google.com from exclusion list, and scan cookies, it finds 791 items. This means there are 33 cookies of google.com 

3, continue to remove youtube.com, and scan cookies, it finds 801 items, this means there are 10 cookies of youtube.com

4, remove remaining records, the exclusion list is blank, scan cookies, it finds 809 items.

5, add google.com to exclusion list, scan cookies, it finds 776 items

6, add youtube.com to exclusion list, scan cookies, it finds 786 items

7, add other domains to exclusion list, scan cookies, it finds 758 items.

During the whole test, I didn't close Wise Disk Cleaner, only open and close Settings window.
Please try it again, open Settings window to ensure the new added domain is saved in exclusion list, then do a scan.

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Thank you for your support.

I repeated your procedure, now in other computer (laptop) with a first use of WDC (portable) and I confirm the issue, being the same as observed in the desktop PC  with a WDC (installable) (first post). (First computer with windows 10 Pro, and second one with Windows 10 Home, both 64 bit, last versions).

The issue or problem is for "Microsoft Edge Cookies".

For "Google Chrome Cookies" there aren´t problems and I could coincide with your results.

Was your test for Microsoft Edge Cookies or for Google Chrome Cookies?


I made a video to see the issue reported about the M. Edge Cookies category. At the end of the video you can see that the only way to excluded cookies work is through the Import method. In this case the test was made in the desktop PC with the instalable WDC version (on Windows 10 Home 64-bit, version 1803). Please, download it from: https://mega.nz/#!jU00xCDI!5rOI9ZDkqO0mi3B7nLrftCzgshg5__6MeL8QzCag6AU



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