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I would like to report a suggestion or issue to improve for the Advanced Cleaner tool of Wise Disk Cleaner (in this case the version is
Some items in the Exclusion list are´n being took into account after searching. Example in the image: I excluded "C:\ProgramData\Driver-Soft\" but after searching some files of that folder appear.
The Support told me that the subdirectories can´t be excluded.
So, the suggestion is that the feature of sudirectories exclusion can be incorporated in a next softare update. Now, the exclusion list is not completely useful because new folders or subdirectories can be created inside of an excluded folder and then they won´t considered as excluded when we will run an Advanced Cleaner searching.
I hope the Wise Cleaner Team can incorporate fast this useful improvement for the Exclusion list

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Hello, thank you for your response.

The problem is that I can´t edit the selected path.

I click on the "Add a folder" button, I select the folder but I can´t get to add the "*" in the end of the path.

It seem to be the software doesn´t permit to edit folders of the Exclusion section. (Surely, this feature would be important to improve in the software).

FInally, I tried to use the "Add Cookies" button and I do write the folder path with the "*" but after that, when I perform a scan, this doesn´t have effect, the supposed excluded folder appears again.


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I´d like to say that when Import a list of exclusion elements from a txt file, the file "exclusions.dat" contain all of that elements followed by "=dir", including the cookies and file types. 

Example to the encountered text in the file "exclusions.dat" after importing:


Is this correct? Is "=dir" applicable to cookies and file types too?


Thanks in advance.

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