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Win XP Functionality Revisited

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I have Windows XP Pro SP3.  I had read in the past that in its early stages, Wise Anti Malware didn't yet work properly with Windows XP.  Does it work properly with Windows XP NOW?

I also read that the Virus Engine did not come with the Installer.  Does it come with it NOW?  If it still doesn't come with the Virus Engine and Definitions, what size of a download is it?  It's that I have Dial Up Internet.  So if it is a huge download, then this Wise Anti Malware would be out of the question for me.

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You can download the full installer from Download Center (or by clicking below link), it contains virus engine.

If you get error message like "Engine failed to start" or "Engine service doesn't exist", please open Wise Anti Malware folder, normally it is C:\Program Files\Wise\Wise Anti Malware\, find and send svr.log to us.

Download Wise Anti Malware


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Thanks.  Right now my plan is on hold.  I'm waiting for someone on a tech forum to analyze my computer's Farbar scan results to see if there is some malware.  I've been having problems with my avast periodically keeping on breaking.  So first I want to verify that my computer isn't infected.

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