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Few things to consider to add to this software


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I've been using this software along with some others types of cleaners but I would like to see more development in terms of that Wise 365 can do more.


1. Clear all the available RAM and Clipboard under PC Checkup

2. List the rest that needs to be done too opt out for those you do already:


  • Windows Update Downloaded & Log Files *
  • Account Temp Files for All Users
  • LocalApplicationData Log Files
  • ApplicationData SubItems Logs
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Logs
  • Windows Installer Temp Files
  • Windows Folder Log Files
  • ServiceProfiles Log Files
  • Downloaded Installations
  • Performance Log Files
  • Drivers Inf Log Files
  • ReportQueue Log Files
  • Shutdown Cache Files
  • Prefetch Cached Data
  • DataStore Temp Files
  • Explorer Temp Files
  • Narrator Temp Files
  • Shell Cached Icons
  • Shell Cached Files
  • Updates Temp Files
  • System32 Log Files
  • *.tmp Stored Files
  • Offline Web Pages
  • Cached Wallpapers
  • System Log Files
  • Panther Log Files
  • Logon Temp Files
  • WINSAT Log Files
  • MSDTC Log Files
  • Debug Log Files
  • Root Log Files
  • Wbem Log Files
  • Font Cache Files
  • Cached Folders
  • WER Log Files
  • WDI Log Files
  • CatRoot Logs
  • Recycle Bin
  • Driver Logs
  • Temp Files
  • Orphan Files

3. Optimize Windows Start behavior

   This would disable the Boot Options [x] No GUI Boot


4. Auto run and check HDD then defrag anyway


That's about it.. 



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No problem! Does 2.65.205 have these changes I had implemented to you?


Also Need to add the following browsers for clean-up


Maxthon Cache

Safari Cache

FireFox Cache


Ram/Clipboard Clean-up must be down in PC Checkup. I know you have applet included but it most might not use it so you should have it set for Auto Clean.


Icon Cache Rebuild


This one gets corrupted and in time won't display all icons on Windows OS. 


ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache
taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F
DEL "%localappdata%\IconCache.db" /A
shutdown /r /f /t 00



Restricted Sites Protection Block List (ad, tracking, unwanted downloads, scripting, browser exploits an etc)

The above should be for Internet Explorer, Safari, Maxthon, and Chrome



Network Connection Speed WAN side: 56KB, 1MB, 5MB, 10MB, 20MB, 30MB, 40MB, 50MB, 100MB Plus since most can now go up as high. 


I just tested Wise 365 2.65.205 against another cleaner


Results shows


Registry - 10 problems (Histroy List, File Extensions, and Deep Scans for (MRUListEx, Empty Registry Values)

Windows 4.03 mb (Windows Logs)

Applications: 15 problems (Paint.net, MS AntiMalware, MS Security, Office and Windows Run History)


Final check from another cleaner found 104 logs..


Everything else looks good.



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I have just installed the 365 Pro version and am comparing it to the latest Glary Utitilites program. One thing I like about Glary is that you can resize the window to any aize you want. With 365 Pro, you cannot do this. It is only a small window or a full screen window. It would be nice to be able to resize like the Glary programs does.


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Hi mrhermit,


Thank you for your suggestion.
Wise Care 365 is different with Glary.
Wise Care 365 has only one window, all features run in this window, the window can display all necessary information. 
But Glary, it has many windows, per feature run in a window. and the main interface window cannot be re-size too.
I'm not sure resize function whether is necessary in Wise Care 365, but we will consider it.
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I use Wise 365 Care Pro but I still need to use additional cleaning programs. Why? Because Wise is still not cleaning certain key elements that need to be cleaned. MRU Cache is still not being cleaned! 


Run test on after you use Wise 365 Care Pro.


Test the following programs: 


Free Windows Tuner v2.0.6

Slim Cleaner Free (this one adds apps cleaner like (kindle, evernote, kingsoft office suite junk data files)

JetClean Pro V1.5.x 


I would like to run one program for cleaning makes it easy to keep the system running at peak performance. No matter what I've recommended Wise 365 Care Free or Pro to everyone all over world on forums I belong too. Most never heard of Wise 365 Care prior. But now they have. 


Face Book players of kixeye Battle Pirates Game really need this Wise 365 Care cleans out all Live Stream junk data code out left on users PCs. That's over 1.6 million players. I've mention this to them on both kixeye forum and face book group for this game using Wise 365 Care Free or Pro.


One thing more that Wise Game Booster is a must for those who play STO (Star Trek Online).


My thanks to Wise 365 Care Support Team there. Just keep up the excellent work you doing there. I'll let you know what else needs to be address in the future. ;)  

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