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Wise Registry Cleaner X beta is released


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Dear users,

Good news here!

Wise Registry Cleaner X is released the Beta version. Try it now before its official release.
Click Here to try Wise Registry Cleaner X.

You are invited to tell us what you think about it and please have us informed whether anything needs to be modified.
Thanks in advance!


Hope you like it!

Best Regards,
WiseCleaner.com Team

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Hi!  :)

Premise: for the scans I used the same settings and the same exclusion.dat (and the same system with the same settings...).


1) Settings, general, "notify me when someone posted a paid question" should be removed

2) I still think "custom area" should be located where it was in WRC8 (and previous versions):

  • It doesn't save the settings when I click the x: there was an OK button to save them, now there is a SCAN button.
  • I don't know what kind of scan it will be: default? Safe? Deep?

3) WRC10 doesn't find entries: WRC9 finds about 107 (WRC8 134) entries using the safe scan and 229 (wrc8 256) entries using the deep scan.

Wise care 365 has got the same problem...

4) I can't verify other possible bugs/glitches/missing features/incoherencies given that there aren't results...

5) WRC8 scan time was 44s, WRC10 was 65s, WCare365 was 67s. (all entries enabled, in this case)


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@xilolee This is absolutely true - this version is not able to find absolutely any error or problem.
100% safe to use. Always the result is the same as "Congratulations. You have a clean registry!".
But it isn't possible, because at least the User MRU List is not never empty or clean, but this widget says,
that everything is clean. Not possible.
PS I used both, ie free and registered Pro version. 

Result is the same. But after that I scanned with current stable version, and what You think, was the results the same again? Of course not.
So this is simply one toy or joy-machine. Everyone is happy if registry is always 101% clean, but not me.

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