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[Solved - WiseSystemMonitor] The temperature floating tab is not shown?


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Hi, There was a problem in mother board, which has to be replaced. I replaced the motherboard , not cpu and reinstalled the windows. I downloaded the wise system monitor and the problem still persists. But i noticed reduction of temp in cpu. The same problem of cpu temp not showing still exists.Now, i have change of mother board which particulars i give for ready reference



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Hi, After replacing the motherboard, it was found that the processor has not supported the mother board.I asked the tech to change the same. After that on reboot, the float tab shows, the temperature. tab also. So, it is a hardware issue and not software related. Probably, when i was using the old mother board, the mother board and cpu failed, i suppose. So, the tab was not shown. Now , after replacement of cpu and mb, the cpu is not supported and compatible. Now, I replaced both to compatible mb and cpu and the problem has gone. Thanks for your kind help.

Hi, can i edit the topic to add solved , so that other users can read it . when a user  search for a problem, they add solved or fix , and google easily shows those thread with the problem title.


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