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  1. Hi, After replacing the motherboard, it was found that the processor has not supported the mother board.I asked the tech to change the same. After that on reboot, the float tab shows, the temperature. tab also. So, it is a hardware issue and not software related. Probably, when i was using the old mother board, the mother board and cpu failed, i suppose. So, the tab was not shown. Now , after replacement of cpu and mb, the cpu is not supported and compatible. Now, I replaced both to compatible mb and cpu and the problem has gone. Thanks for your kind help. Hi, can i edit the topic to add solved , so that other users can read it . when a user search for a problem, they add solved or fix , and google easily shows those thread with the problem title.
  2. Hi, There was a problem in mother board, which has to be replaced. I replaced the motherboard , not cpu and reinstalled the windows. I downloaded the wise system monitor and the problem still persists. But i noticed reduction of temp in cpu. The same problem of cpu temp not showing still exists.Now, i have change of mother board which particulars i give for ready reference
  3. Hi, Glad that you have taken personal care to know the cause of the problem, and i hope a fix for that. But surprisingly, in my laptp which has xp sp3, i was getting the temp tab working.i also checked the monitor resolution and it is in admitted limit
  4. I have sent it to Ivan and expecting your response. Should i be in the same screen in the team viewer
  5. Shall i send now sir,. I have not sent. I said that i will send pl confirm
  6. Now the time IST is 12.02 pm.expecting your email. I will send to ivan email you mentioned
  7. I could not log on to the time you mentioned. But now i am online, would you be able to confirm, so that i will send the details
  8. Hi, after downloading and trying to open, and seeing the id and pw, i needed some clarifications from you. Hence i closed that window, and was writing to you, when my pc automatically shut down. Should i send the id only or with the password. How to participate in the activity. When i will be contacted? Show how to send a email to you. Please If i open, will ti auto send those details if i download clicking your link in the post? pl
  9. Hi, what is chasis intrusion? It is disabled in my bios settings. Should i enable to get the temp in float menu? Are you looking in to the issue
  10. Hi, Admin, Should i enclose some more bios settings. Should i disable or enable some settings in bios to get captured the temp by your software. Please. The instant upload download watching thro float menu is really appreciated. yOu could also include, connection finder of network device, so that if any third party device is trying to connect, it may give an alarm sound like dogs bark etc.
  11. Hi, May be it was spam. Do not you have spam filters for the web fourm site? I just created filter in chrome gmail and stopped all russian language mail, whether genuine or not , to move it to trash and delete in the settings. Now i am fine. Coming to the issue, I am enclosing two screenshots from my bios, which i could only take screen shots using mobile. Kindly see those , that my bios shows the details of temperatures. In my laptop , in which i have xp sp3, i am getting the temperature tab in the system tray. Wonderful software. Expecting reply
  12. Hi, i do not understand the language of the post i,got in email from wise cleaner forum..I reproduce below jraju,
  13. Hi, Please see the png file attached. It gives the temperatures of main board components. Unlike , yours, my procesor name has not been shown.
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply. But please add extra to your lines. Yes. i did notice some speed showing when i did not browse the internet. Your lines "you or system will download / upload data, the total speed includes local LAN transfer speed. Moreover, ofcourse, i could get the details by clicking check details in float menu. But i want it readily displays the temperature of those important events in the floating bar itself like the other, even if it occupies a little more space on the tray bar. It will be useful to user to notice , sudden jump in temperature, so he could do something about it. Particularly, when you get thermal events , the temp is too high for the cpu to cool and hence shut down. I failed to notice your picture. Yes your system shows those temperature, but not mine. Is there any settings to be ticked to include in float bar.
  15. The admin or moderator of this forum is taking much time in replying to the queries of the users. Did he look upon fan speed. If those bugs are cleared, this monitor would be the best to the users.
  16. Why no reply to the queries in the forum. I also want to know, what are those two arrows shown. If those are download speed and upload speed, from where it is ? How to read it in mb or kbps.Will it show only during browsing and uploading and downloading
  17. Hi, Please check the fan and cpu RPM details in the program. The chasis and cpu fan speeds are shown as 10000 rpm and 17000 rpm, where as in other apps shows nearly in 2thousand rpm ranges
  18. Hi, Nice tool from wise cleaner. While appreciate the cpu usage, will be glad if you could add a tab showing the temperature details as shown in motherboard tab in the program. Because, sudden failure of fan of cpu would lead to system shutdown due to thermal event. Constant monitoring, in your case , information on floating tab, of temperatures of important system component, as shown in your motherboard tab,kindly be arranged to be in a separate tab in system tray position
  19. Hi, There is no reply for my pertinent query above?. It shows car at times, shows snail at times and cycle at times. I have not added any program or install anything. Then why it shows? Does it have some automated process to speed up.
  20. Hi, Thanks for the reply. But why it shows, different speed icon at different times , when there was no extra downloads or install of program
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