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Drives not recognised by some Wise products


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For some months my use of some Wise products has been prevented by my drives not being recognised. JetSearch in particular is completely unusable because it lists all my drives, internal and external, as 'unrecognised  format'. Drive C is of course formatted as NTFS. In WiseCare I cannot select any drives for Advanced Cleaner.


Until a few months ago everything Wise was OK. I had hoped updates would clear the problems. Nope. I did ask for help from Admin a while back but no useful advice was forthcoming.


There is nothing out of the ordinary about my system. C drive is an eMMc, all others are USB.


My OS is Windows 10 Creators, fully updated.


I particularly miss the usefulness of JetSearch.

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Hi clayto2. :)


try to run chkdsk /R (from an elevated command prompt) on your OS partition.

It shouldn't happen nothing in particular after those commands, but I recommend you to have a backup of your important data, a system image and a system restore point, NEW and ready to use.

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