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Wisecare 365 keeps breaking MS Edge

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I have now had to reinstall MS edge several times because it seems that after using Wisecare 365 4.61.439 version (after the big windows 10 creator update) it breaks my MS edge over and over again.

After using wisecare all I get is a completely white screen when trying to load egde.

It seems similar to a problem from 2015 in this topic http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/10825-windows-10-start-menu-broken/?hl=edge&do=findComment&comment=22458

Would be nice not to have to use a workaround for a 2 year old problem that should not be happening.

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Thanks for your feedback.

We did some tests, but we didn't reproduce your problem. There was only a minor issue, wise care 365 will remove IE and Edge cache file, so when you open Edge again, "Top sites and suggested content" was blank. But if you restart system, it will be restored. Or, add a specify file to exclusion list can fix this issue.

Please add this file to exclusion list: %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\counters.dat


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I signed up this game, played over 10 minutes, then run wise care 365 to clean Edge. When I reopen this page, click Play Now button, i met only one problem - Adobe flash player is blocked by your browser, actually Adobe flash player in my Edge is enabled.

I waited a few minutes (2~3), the game was ready. I think it was caused by my low internet speed. Edge browser need time to download files.

When you run wise care 365 to clean system, you can uncheck Edge.


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