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  1. Ok this is before including that folder in wisecare (I now have that and it still goes white after using Wisecare365 but rebooting now fixes Edge). the game I am referring to is called total domination url: https://plarium.com/en/strategy-games/total-domination/game/ I open it from my favorites bar were I have it saved.
  2. Well for you appearantly it is restored after a reboot, for me it stays blank. And it then when I try to use edge for certain browser games those do no longer load as well.. I have included the file in the exclusion list and hope that helps
  3. I have now had to reinstall MS edge several times because it seems that after using Wisecare 365 4.61.439 version (after the big windows 10 creator update) it breaks my MS edge over and over again. After using wisecare all I get is a completely white screen when trying to load egde. It seems similar to a problem from 2015 in this topic http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/10825-windows-10-start-menu-broken/?hl=edge&do=findComment&comment=22458 Would be nice not to have to use a workaround for a 2 year old problem that should not be happening.
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