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missing german translations on v3.98


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here a few missing german translations on version 3.98


in section --> System Tuneup --> Systemoptimizer


--> System Stability


Disable automatical reboot when system encounters blue screen of death.
Disable registry modification from a remote computer.

(Deaktiviere automatischen Neustart, wenn der Blue Screen auftritt.)

(Deaktiviere Registry-Änderungen von einem Remote-Computer.)


--> System Speedup


Optimize refresh policy of Windows file list.
Speed up display speed of Taskbar Window Previews.

(Optimiere Aktualisierungsrichtlinie für Windows-Datei-Liste.)

(Beschleunige Anzeigeschnelligkeit der Taskleisten-Fenster-Vorschau.)


--> Network Speedup


Optimize LAN connection.
Optimize DNS and DNS parsing speed.

(Optimiere LAN-Verbindung.)

(Optimiere DNS und DNS-Analyse-Geschwindigkeit.)





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in this case at the main-section:


"System Tuneup" and "System Optimizer" called in german translation both as "System Optimierer" --> but this is not ok!

both names are different in english and its in german too.



System Tuneup --> perhaps "System-Verbesserung" or "System-Beschleunigung" or "System-Tuning"


english menu:



german menu:


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at the mainsection


"Assistance" is translated in german with "Mithilfe" but its not the right word for this, which gives the right sense.










the link goes to a ask/question-page





--> "Assistance" could be translated as "Hilfe" or "Unterstützung" or "Ratgeber" or "Eine Frage stellen" or something like this.

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