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Windows 10 Start Menu Broken


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Go to Google / Type: Download Windows 10

Look for the button, Download Tool now (chose 64 or 32 )

Download, it will re-install your windows 10, all your settings/programm's remain the same :)

And windows 10/Edge /start menu  .ect are working fine again.


p.s  remove wisecleaner..



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Can you show me a screenshot of your exclusion tab?

"there is something wrong every time i clean disk" - do you means the same problem as before?



Yes exactly the same as before, the exclusion do nothing now and every time I clean disk, edge is broken and I have to reboot same as before. sorry


NB: 3 laptop here and same all 3. I do not understand why the first time I try with this exclusion all seem to be ok... I did same on two other laptop and at the first exclusion trying was failure...


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