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  1. I installed your version and thats look good now with my 3 laptop but I have to exclude the "container.dat" file like you said. Thanks for that !
  2. Yes exactly the same as before, the exclusion do nothing now and every time I clean disk, edge is broken and I have to reboot same as before. sorry NB: 3 laptop here and same all 3. I do not understand why the first time I try with this exclusion all seem to be ok... I did same on two other laptop and at the first exclusion trying was failure...
  3. OOOPSSS sorry no its not the problem occur each time i did a disk cleaner now the exclusion tab for C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Feeds Cache\container.dat is configured but there is something wrong every time i clean disk the problem come back...
  4. So, whats up ? Whats happens ? This bug is very ANNOYING Can you help or not ?
  5. After cleaning with terrific WDC I can NOT click on wheel (up-right) or "connecting" = all are greyed ! (first pic). Second pic all is normal B4 cleaning with terrific WDC... If I "delete all surfing parameters" in MS EDGE after cleaning its the same, there is Nothing to do to go back to "normal state" except rebooting my computerS... In this picture if you look upside I do NO have the arrows on flash to go next and some website do not load
  6. Look the 2 pics attached . After wise care disk cleaning MS Edge show only HALF web page without any pictures. IE still run fine after cleaning. When rebooting all come back normal. 3 laptop with w8.1PRO updated to W10 PRO give the SAME, 2 LENOVO 1 ASUS. Understoood my friend?
  7. Look I did the same disk clean with unselected "edge-inernet cache files" and the same appear...so I don't think the problem come from any edge cache cleaned, I think WC365 destroy a file system that windows 10 rebuild when rebooting...
  8. I confirm that wise cleaner 365 destroy apps in windows 10 pro x64 (upgraded from 8.1 pro 64) Edge do not run anymore or it run very badly on some site like msn and I have to reboot to working after cleaning when using disk cleaner with wise care 365 very annoying
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