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BUG: WiseTray.exe Float Window don't hide correctly


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I have seen some bugs with the "Float Window" of the "WiseTray.exe" process, precisely the round display that can defragment the memory automatically (and perfectly too I think, minimal lag and high processing speed).
  1. When hovering the "widget" only once and moving the cursor at the same time, the display is locked, and don't hide.
  2. When the float window is on top, sometimes the entire screen is locked, impossible to click on anything (the float window too), the only way is to kill the "WiseTray.exe" process ENTIRELY with the Keyboard.
Here's a little video capture of my "desktop" (click GIF to see HQ):
At first I just move the mouse hover "2 times" and the float window show/hide correctly, but when I hover and move at the same time the display don't hide.
After you can see that quickly moving the mouse over the floating item don't hide it too.
It's a real issue, I started to edit the position of the bitmaps with "Resource Tuner", but I am a real novice in the creation and management of source files, I can't comfirm anything more at the moment.


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Need to add that sometimes when the float window is activated and have just cleaned the memory, it don't hide too.


The bug when it's on top and "freeze" all mouse clicks on desktop (but not on taskbar) is really rare, I have seen it 2 times.


Oh, after updating to the v3.7.2 I have seen the temperature thing on the float window… a way to deactivate this can be great… well I don't have the issue of the widget that don't hide when I put it on the right border of my screen now, but I use a custom way of displaying my devices temperatures.


And it seems that the widget don't hide at the left border too, don't know how I need to place it, but I didn't success, on it hide only on my left or top screen borders.

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