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  1. Hello, I totaly forgot one important thing, the "junction link" deleted after cleaning is in my "C:\windows\$user name$\app data\local\temp" it's a folder that contain temporary downloaded files, but the problem is that I need theses files if I don't want to re-download them all. My others files, folders, or "hard links-like" files are not deleted if they are not in this temporary system folder. Yeah I used a symbolic link at first, but I use only junction now. It's strange that this junction is deleted, I have other exceptions in my list (like one to always keep my user picture in the system temp folder) and they work, really don't know the real problem.
  2. Thanks, Need to add that sometimes when the float window is activated and have just cleaned the memory, it don't hide too. The bug when it's on top and "freeze" all mouse clicks on desktop (but not on taskbar) is really rare, I have seen it 2 times. Oh, after updating to the v3.7.2 I have seen the temperature thing on the float window… a way to deactivate this can be great… well I don't have the issue of the widget that don't hide when I put it on the right border of my screen now, but I use a custom way of displaying my devices temperatures. And it seems that the widget don't hide at the left border too, don't know how I need to place it, but I didn't success, on it hide only on my left or top screen borders.
  3. No I just added my exceptions, launched the main "Scan" and cleaning (the first tab to load when opening wise care), it's all.
  4. I used the Exclusion list, and in the "Exclusion.txt" My folders and all they're contents are listed in it …but when I clean theses are "cleaned too", more like the folders are deleted, but it don't happen with my others files, then it's surely the Hard link that is the issue. BUT like I said I use hard links, this type of files are "like" a regular "shortcut", then a link that redirect to a file/folder/etc… . I use this to have more space on my main Hard Disk, for example some softwares need to be installed in the main drive, but I don't want to lose space, then I move the contents to my other drive and make a Hard Link in the original drive. At the End I have 5Go on my secondary drive, and on the main less than 1ko space used. Well there is more infos on hard links and the software that I use to create them (there is info on hard links too on this page). Like I said, I have my heavy content on my other drive, and then added this folder to exclusions too, mainly I have 2 exclusions: "C:\Programs…\Folder Name 1\" - My Hard Link of the folder path listed below, size less than 1ko. "D:\Programs…\Folder Name 1\" - The folder that contain all data, size more than 5Go. The problem is that "Hard links" don't have an extension like the shortcuts that have the "*.ink" file type, and then I can't add a file extension like the shortcuts… anyway for now, I just have to remake a hard link (I say hard link but it's a junction in fact), I don't lose data with this method, but a management of this type of files can be really great : )
  5. Hello, I have seen some bugs with the "Float Window" of the "WiseTray.exe" process, precisely the round display that can defragment the memory automatically (and perfectly too I think, minimal lag and high processing speed). When hovering the "widget" only once and moving the cursor at the same time, the display is locked, and don't hide. When the float window is on top, sometimes the entire screen is locked, impossible to click on anything (the float window too), the only way is to kill the "WiseTray.exe" process ENTIRELY with the Keyboard. Here's a little video capture of my "desktop" (click GIF to see HQ): At first I just move the mouse hover "2 times" and the float window show/hide correctly, but when I hover and move at the same time the display don't hide. After you can see that quickly moving the mouse over the floating item don't hide it too. It's a real issue, I started to edit the position of the bitmaps with "Resource Tuner", but I am a real novice in the creation and management of source files, I can't comfirm anything more at the moment. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have the same issues. I added folders that I don't want to delete, but they are always deleted, I c'ant add all the files of a folder in the exceptions (there is ~>5000 files), the total size is 5Go, then if I don't want to lose the data I need to recreate one or more hard links each time that I clean with wise care 365 -_-" a better management of exceptions can be great, entering one after one the entries can be long… but I've just seen the exceptions files *.txt, need to take a look and try with my *.bat file lister : ) EDIT: Just opened the "exclusions.dat" and all my files are in it… it's really strange that they are deleted.
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