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    ThelmaBof reacted to wisecleaner_admin in FAQs of Wise Driver Care   
    If you have any question of Wise Driver Care, please read below FAQs. Maybe you can find the answer yourself.
    When you create a new post, please provide more details about your problem, then we can help you solve it faster.
    Q: The backup button of some devices is invalid, why?
    A: If the driver is provided by Windows system, Wise Driver Care won't back up it. Because when you reinstall Windows, the driver will be installed at the same time.
    Q: What is abnormal driver?
    A: An abnormal driver, it refers to you can reinstall a correct driver to fix this issue.
    Q: What is special software?
    A: It refers to some special software that Some brands of computer special features require. Such as touchpad, fingerprint identification and so on.
    Q: What is system software repair?
    A: When Wise Driver Care update a driver, it may require some special Windows components, like VC++. If the system doesn't have it, Wise Driver Care will install it first.
    Q: What is “1 device doesn't support the current OS”?
    A: For example, you have a sound card on your PC and the OS is XP system, but this sound card only supports Win 7 and later system. There is no driver for XP system.
    Q: When does Wise Driver Care auto create a system restore point?
    A: This function is only available in Pro version, and only if you click the top right Fix button.
    Q: Why does Wise Driver Care not list the restore point?
    A: Because Wise Driver Care only lists the restore point created by itself. If the driver is provided by Windows system, Wise Driver Care won't back up it. Because when you reinstall Windows, the driver will be installed at the same time.
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    ThelmaBof reacted to Bob'sYourUncle in MUR's With Chinese Text Plus Chromium Reg. Entry   
    I keep getting MUR's with Chinese text in them.  Anything I see on my PC that is Chinese rather it be text or what ever, I instantly assume its bad and treat it as such unless I can verify that its 100% safe.  So, anybody know why I'm getting these MUR's and are they safe?  If not, then what do I need to do about preventing them from coming back?  I have attacked a screenshot of the MUR's that Wise Cleaner finds so you can see what I'm talking about.
    Also, This registry entry "(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chromium\(Default)" keeps coming back even though I have deleted it.  I have google searched this and there's this malicious browser called Chromium but I have never installed it(as far as I know) & I cant find any information about this registry entry that keeps coming back.
    Thanks for any help you guys/gals can provide. 

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    ThelmaBof reacted to kamikano in Help my folder hider become shortcut   
    hi today i want open my folder hider its become shortcut.. how to get back my file?? its really important i try use wise data recovery also cant to find my file helpp me pleaseeeeee           
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    ThelmaBof reacted to KNRover in How prevent WRC from deleting Run commands   
    I have noticed for some time now that Run commands I enter (e.g., %temp%, services.msc, regedit, etc.) are wiped out when WRC is run. I can find no setting that tells it NOT to delete these. Is there some way to prevent the program from deleting Run commands?
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    ThelmaBof reacted to wisecleaner_admin in Meet our new product - Wise Anti Malware (beta)   
    Dear users,
    We have just released a new product: Wise Anti Malware Beta.
    This new product can help you defense against Virus, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spyware and unwanted programs (PUP/PUA).
    The most important is Wise Anti Malware Perfect compatible with Windows 10 Defender.
    Please download Wise Anti Malware to try!
    Please note,
    The installer doesn't include virus database, after you finish installation, the Malware Cleaner is not activated. Please close it and wait a moment, the Tray will download virus database in background. The download time depends on your internet speed, normally it less than 30 minutes.

    However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below.
    We would really appreciate that. Thank you!
    WiseCleaner Team
    Release Logs:
    Date: 05-21-2018
    Release official version.
    Date: 04-23-2018
    New changes:
    + Improved update service.
    + Improved ad cleaner.
    Date: 03-20-2018
    New changes:
    + Fixed the bug "Engine failed to start "
    Date: 03-16-2018
    New changes:
    + Improved virus engine.
    + Fixed minor bugs.
    Date: 03-13-2018
    New changes:
    + Improved virus engine initialization process.
    + Minor GUI improvements.
    Date: 03-06-2018
    New changes:
    + Improved virus engine installation.
    + Reduced memory usage.
    + Added 6 languages, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian.
    Date: 02-28-2018
    New changes:
    + Fix the bug of high memory usage.
    + Improved Quarantine function.
    v 1.17  
    Date: 02-26-2018
    New changes:
    + Improved real-time protection
    + Fix minor bugs of System Cleaner
    + Minor GUI improvements.
    + Updated language.
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    ThelmaBof reacted to Davy49 in Wise Program Uninstaller Question   
    I was using a different software ( Revo UnInstaller ) to uninstall the program's / software that I wanted to delete off my computer. While revo seemed to function pretty well, it didn't always seem to find all of the installed program's on my computer. The wise program uninstaller does seem to find all of the program's that are installed, but doesn't always offer me the 'forced uninstall' option, shouldn't I ALWAYS be offered BOTH option's when I want to uninstall software on my computer ?
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    ThelmaBof reacted to UCanFixIt in "Mark Solved" Option Now Available to Members   
    Hello all members,
    The "Mark Solved" option has been activated in the Computer Trouble-Shooting Discussion Board. Now originating posters (OPs) can select their own "Best Answer."
    How it works:
    Each member response to an originating poster's issue will now include a "Mark Solved" button that can only be seen by the OP (see image1). If a specific response solves the OPs issue, he/she can simply click the Mark Solved button for that specific response and it will automatically do two things:
    1. It will update the index to show the OPs issue as "Answered." (see image2)
    2. It will add the "Best Answer" to the top of the OPs post. (see image3)
    This new feature could really benefit members or guests that are looking for solutions while browsing or searching the Computer Trouble-Shooting Discussion Board.
    Note: The Wise Specific Product Boards do not have this feature enabled.

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    ThelmaBof reacted to saad in Disk Defrag   
    I think "Analyze" should be above "Defragment" and "Full Optimization".

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    ThelmaBof reacted to KNRover in 1-Click icon does nothing   
    Although I've had Wise Registry Cleaner on my computer for about 3 years, I never noticed the "1-click" icon setting. It is supposed to allow you to click it and WRC runs in the background. Only one problem: It doesn't work. Reason I know it isn't working is because after clicking it (and tried double-clicking it, too), I open WRC and run a deep scan. That scan finds lots of safe-go-delete items, which it shouldn't because the 1-click should have already cleaned them out.
    I have the latest version ( Is this a bug?
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    ThelmaBof reacted to Antivirus in Wise Monitor   
    I keep getting a notice that not all Opera Stables program has been deleted. There is a list of the files to be deleted and I need to check and hit delete. I have done so many times now and still I get the notice. Seems like its in a loop of some sort. Any ideas? Thanks
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