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  1. Hi, Thanks for your reply..yesterday I was using your uninstall software on my windows 10 laptop, I was trying to delete all of the different programs that were included when I installed Sophos Home Premium antivirus software. While viewing all of those different component's under the 'All Software' button, I was only offered the safe uninstall option, the forced uninstall option was grayed out..I thought that was rather strange. Thanks, David
  2. Hi, I was using a different software ( Revo UnInstaller ) to uninstall the program's / software that I wanted to delete off my computer. While revo seemed to function pretty well, it didn't always seem to find all of the installed program's on my computer. The wise program uninstaller does seem to find all of the program's that are installed, but doesn't always offer me the 'forced uninstall' option, shouldn't I ALWAYS be offered BOTH option's when I want to uninstall software on my computer ? Thanks, David
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