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  1. Tell me, what's so special about Puran? I've never used it. Considering Puran Defrag - how well it does the job? I've read on site there's one special ability - Puran's patented defrag methods, - what's this? ... could you make a Youtube video on it?
  2. Nice! But why "safe to scan" and deep / advanced are devided? ... safe isn't safe about deep?
  3. The restore points are working like "clay", - if you restore to an earlier state it means new registry hives are ignored which were made afterwards. DO NOT GO FROM POINT TO POINT, OR YOU WILL CRAZE THE INTERNAL REGISTRY, AND SO. PICK ONE SPOT, RESTORE AND WORK. DO NOT PLAY ON IT.
  4. You should do this ... Dramatically increase the status of Defrag module, update its GUI appearance and func. and speed! it looks very ugly on that moment, now. off-topic here: How would you compare Wise Care 365 versus Glarysoft Glary Utilities?
  5. Hello !! Wise Program Uninstaller. I really-really like this product! I will me writing about it here. Merry-Merry Christmas and a happy new year, 2016! Hugs.
  6. That's awesome. 1. You should really improve the defrag module, as it's not so outstanding. The colors are mixed, - no clear view. ... Overall, I like your cleaner the most. The only possible competitor is Glarysoft. You two are amazing, so professional. (wink)
  7. Question 2: will it lag or conflict, if I'll install both, versions 8 and 9? ... how long is it in Beta? Release date?
  8. The program looks very very promising! The only main major thing to be mentioned here (...to be dramatically improved) - is the HDD Defrag module; it sucks right now. Merry Christmas, guys! Hugs... it's 10 years over, back in the year 2006 we watched Tyson's fights, Klitschko's fights... man! Kids that are born in 2000 are soon gonna be 18 years of age! Woosh! P.S. I really really love Wise Care 365 and how it scans the registry! ...it's so precisely! ... I would like to hear from Admins, or even Developers.
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