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  1. For several weeks I have been struggling to get Reminder to make a sound when displaying a Reminder Notification, as it used to do. I have tried many times to implement advice from Wise Help & Support (and others) without success. All fixes have failed The issue concerns choosing Default sound and Custom sound. The Custom sound box has a preinstalled .mp3 sound link which does not work, presumably because there is no such file in my System Sounds. And the problem is that it cannot be removed or replaced by an alternative file, .mp3 or .wav I would have thought this would be fairly straightforward, especially in the case of Custom --- but it is not. I have tried re-installing the app and many other fixes none of which have worked I hope someone here will have a solution!
  2. I have been having problems using several Wise products which have previously worked OK. Most important is Wise Care which I cannot run (or update). It gets stuck, soon after scan starts, on "useless files". Nothing then works. It displays about a dozen error notifications which say "cannot allocate the Dib handle". The separate Wise Cleaner also will not launch, and Reminder works but generates error notifications while other programs are in use. What is going on and how can they be repaired?
  3. HotKey will be very useful when a bug I have is corrected. Every new Key I enter vanishes after the computer is closed and restored. This affects both the Alt and the Ctrl Keys. I have tried many times, the way it is intended to be used is surprisingly easy but it is a wasted effort at present.
  4. If I can help I will be happy to do so.
  5. Jet Search is now working except that it will not detect anything on my (D) drive, a memory card. Apart from the OS it has more on it than © but Jet Search reports zero files! It does however identify files on (I), a USB flash drive.
  6. Hello That worked OK. Thanks. I got some alarming reports from my anti-virus every time I tried to install from the previous site.
  7. I can download but I cannot install the new version of Wise Disc Cleaner. It is repeatedly blocked as malware by Norton anti-virus. Norton does not like Download.com and reports that it is trying to install malware when I try to install (what claims to be?) Wise Disc Cleaner. I am now without WDC. Are there alternative download sites I can use?
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