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  1. It is a technical secret. While you can rest assured that it is harmless to your OS. Also, it is recoverable, you can recover your registry after optimization.
  2. Sometimes, Wise Disk Cleaner can not delete some files. That is normal because these files probably were being occupied by some applications, and they will be deleted next time when you reboot your computer again. Another situation, Wise Disk Cleaner can not delete files even you have restarted your computer. That is because temp files can be created automatically at any time and the names of the new temp files may be the same with the previous ones,so it seems that some files can not be deleted .
  3. Would you please send a screenshot posted below? "Computer"(right-click)---Manage----Disk Management
  4. Our tech team are testing this issue, once it solved,we will contact you. Thank you for supporting our softwares
  5. About Wise Memory Optimizer, we will give you a direct download link for you to download the latest version.Please try and kindly feed back. http://www.wisecleaner.com/soft/WMO.zip About "big file manager", Wise Care 365 will just scan the files with large size out, so you can choose to delete the unnecessary files or compress them to free up your disk space. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. Thanks for supporting our software.
  6. You can try the method that JP had posted, or you can send your issue to [email protected] via email, you will receive a more detailed solution there.
  7. april

    Disk Eraser

    Yes, you are toally right. The higher you passes, the more the drive is ersased when done. GUTTMANN 35 PASSES is the highest standard, when you choose it, it will erase your drive thoroughly, while it will take a little longer time. Thank you very much for your support. Contact us if you have any other issues.
  8. I know many users would like to download Wise Care 365 directly. We do have a direct download link for our dear users Check the link below please. http://wisecleaner.com/soft/WiseCare365.exe Thank all you guys for supporting us and trusting us. We will further improve our products and we are always at your service.
  9. Have you ever met this situation: You can not use Remote Desktop after using Wise Care 365? Please don't worry,let me tell you how to do. Try to follow the snapshot attached below to solve your issue please. Bingo!
  10. Don't worry dear user. Actually, this issue has nothing to do with the software. The reason why this occures is a file named framedyn.dll is lost on your computer. Just copy "framedyn.dll " under \windows\system32\wbem, then paste it to the list of \windows\system32. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
  11. Please notice that the removel of the unsafe files is up to you. If you would like to delete these unsafe files, just tick off them , then they will be removed. Another situation, the unsafe files are protected by your anti- virus softwares, we can not delete them. Thank you for supporting our software, any other questions,free free to contact us.
  12. Don't worry, i can solve this issue for you. Just delete the icon cache of the programs. How to find the icon cache? Follow me! Open your c drive--------Users Your current user name(here is "leilei")------AppData-----Local-----"IconCache"----delete "IconCache" Is it easy,right?
  13. Thank you for your "crazy" ideas. Our tech team will take them into consideration. Thank you for your always support.
  14. Do you know how to keep cookies in Wise Care 365? It makes it easier by not having to enter the username and password every time when you go to your bank site or other sites on which you have to input your username and password. Wise CARE 365 has the function to keep cookies FOLLOW ME! Maybe you will neglect it,anyway,"Exclusive Domain" in "Exclusion" has the function to keep cookies. Follow the picture below now. Please add any site which you want to keep the user name and the password into the Exclusion Domain.
  15. Wise Turbo is an intelligent tool which will inform you that there are some trash files need to be cleaned in your PC once a week. If the trash files in your PC is little, then the window below will not pop up. While if your PC has so much trash that will influence your PC performance, then Wise Turbo will pop up from the right bottom corner of the desktop to inform you to clean the trash files.
  16. About the different speed of bootup, it's so normal. The bootup speed cannot be controlled completely, because anything related to your computer's condition (like physical devices) will affect the bootup time. So it's unnecessary to worry about it.
  17. Have installed the WiseMemoryOptimizer, while it can not be displayed ? Don't worry about that Just try the following instruction. 1. Please access "Control Panel" of your PC, then "All Control Panel Items"---"Notification Area Icons" until you see the surface below. 2.Please find in the left "Icons" column the item "Wise Memory Optimizer", and change the corresponding "Behaviors" in the right column into "Show icon and notifications". 3. Make sure to click "ok" to save the change. 4. Please check if the icon of "Wise Memory Optimizer" appears at the system tray after you open it. ----------------------------- 5. After finishing the settings above, please check if the icon of WMO appears in the right bottom corner (system tray). 6. Click the icon and the Memory Optimizer will show up. Sometimes Wise Memory Optimizer will be covered by the surface of Wise Care 365, so please try minimize 365 to find WMO.
  18. Did you met issue as indicated in the topic? Let me tell you how to solve the problem. Some files can not be removed, because they are being used by other programs. Usually these files locate in the users' temporary folders or Windows' temporary folders. If you want to remove them, u need to close all other programs first or run Wise Disk Cleaner in the safe mode.
  19. Whether or not you have met the problem below? You have bought Wise Care 365 Pro version, while you don't know how to upgrade the free version to Pro version? Then, just relax! It is very easy actually. Try to follow the steps as indicated in the screenshot below. Is it very easy, right?
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