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  1. Are you sure the MultiCommander can find out and delete the hidden files / folders? I use the latest version 3.5.1 but it cannot work.
  2. This morning, when I logon my desktop (win7 x64), I found desktop icons displayed 'unknown icon', but click it , the program can run correctly. I have restarted many times, but ineffective. WiseCleaner software can solve it? Help me!!!
  3. I want to clear recent media list of VLC media player without running VLC program. I have used CC and Advanced systemcare to try, not work. Can WiseCleaner do it?
  4. I like wise cleaner very much. It works very well. But I don't like weather info when I log on. How to close it? Help!!!
  5. Ok, the WDR can find out and restore my hidden files/folder to another different drive. BUT how to delete the old one?
  6. It is useful although i don't understand clearly. But i can't find out "Quick Optimization" in the latest version of WDC & Wise365. Show me!
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