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  1. Sounds like a driver issue to me... did you update any drivers recently? If so, you could try reverting to the previous driver(s) or try this instead: Click Start, Run and in the box enter: services.msc Click OK to launch (run it) Locate the Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework service Right click the service, select Properties and choose Disabled Reboot and test with the above disabled
  2. Hello again Oliver, Since you did not identify your browser, my advice is limited to just advising you to backup (eg, export your bookmarks) before attempting another run of WRC. This will allow for easy recovery of same (eg, import your bookmarks) in case you encounter this issue again. I would also advise you to run WRC in the "normal" mode (not deep scan mode) with all settings at default. UCanFixit
  3. Hello Tusor, Please provide a screenshot of your disk management view (like so): IMHO, there must be something uniquely different about your C drive (for it not to be recognized). My guess is that your screenshot will reveal that uniqueness. UCanFixit PS - Can you also provide the make/model/size of the SSD in question please and have you checked for any firmware updates that might be available?
  4. Hello Oliver, It is perfectly OK to defrag the registry on an SSD (with regard to wear and tear). The process is explained here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/registry-defrag-good-or-bad Please be advised that the above information does not condone the routine use of any registry defragger; however, if you are so inclined, Wise Registry Cleaner is the best of the bunch IMHO. Best regards, UCanFixit
  5. Just used the auto-updater to update WDC from v8.13 to v8.21. Still had to download the full installer (and run it again) to get a version match in the uninstall programs listing. FYI.
  6. I just used the new auto-update function to update WRC but the old version is still shown as the installed version (same as reported for WDC). http://forum.wisecleaner.com/index.php?/topic/6488-wdc-update-v811-to-v812-bug/?p=13984 Now, the wording for the new auto-update feature would indicate you should never have to use the full installer again; however, this "new installer" does not update every area so the full installer is still required. (Description from Wise website) Automatic Update Automatic update is activated, it can download the update file and install it automatically. User don't bother to download the installer file from the webpage and then install it manually anymore. Do as you wish but this should be fixed IMHO. UCanFixit
  7. Thank you admin! This recent attempt to auto-update a current installation (instead of downloading a full installer) is a nice step forward IMHO... but only if it works 100%.
  8. Hello admin, It should not work that way because it creates a version number discrepancy. It should never show v8.12 when launched and leave v8.11 listed elsewhere. So, if you continue with that philosophy, I could actually be running v8.19 someday and still be showing v8.11 in the install/uninstall list. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  9. I was running WDC v8.11 and received a notification that an update was available (v8.12). I was delightfully surprised that the downloaded installer auto-updated my current installation to v8.12 (instead of just downloading a new executable); however, it neglected to update the version in the installed/uninstalled program listings (remained at v8.11). Running Win 8.1, Update 1, fully patched with latest Win Updates. I also rebooted (after the above) and the version remained at v8.11 (in the installed/uninstalled program listings). I then downloaded the full v8.12 installer (manually), and ran it over-top of the current installation (v8.12), and that correctly updated my version to v8.12 in the installed/uninstalled program listings.
  10. Hello admin, My screenshot is actually over-sized because I linked to it externally. It is actually huge! Not sure why it looks so small to you. Anyway, I was just pointing to WiseDiskCleaner.exe to show what icon was missing before I rebuilt the icon cache. I did not uninstall the previous version. I did just install the latest version over top of the previous version. This method has always worked before. However, if this is a strict requirement, maybe you should update your installer to look for previous versions, then if found, invoke an uninstall and then continue with a new install. Or prohibit a new install and issue a warning that the older version needs to be uninstalled first. For my purposes, if an installer allows the execution of a new install over top of a previous version, it should work. At this point, just consider my experience an FYI until others report a similar issue. It could have been something to do (specifically) with my laptop which I use infrequently. Regards, UCanFixit
  11. Hello all, I just installed v8.11 (over top of a previous version) and the executable icon "disappeared" from view in the programs folder: The Solution (for me) was simply to rebuild the icon cache. The affected OS was Windows 7 SP1 fully updated via Windows Update (as of 6/9/2014). I also had the same issue with my program update using Wise Registry Cleaner v8.12. I did try a second reinstall with the same results. The root cause remains unknown; however, since I run a very tight ship, I have to believe that someone else may have noticed this issue as well (or maybe it is just me). FYI and cheers! UCanFixit
  12. Do you also get a message indicating your graphics' driver has stopped working and has recovered. If so, this is quite common with some vintages of drivers and hardware combinations. The only thing I can suggest is to try the latest driver and work backwards (to earlier driver versions) or see if Window Update has one for you. Good luck, UCanFixit
  13. Since we continually give out advice without ever getting a response back (well maybe 1 in 100 respond back), it would be nice to know if you truly have an issue. Please provide any additional details that might help us help you. If you do not respond to this additional request, then good luck with your issue.
  14. Hi do4siks, Any chance you have contracted some form of malware? If not, please run the following commands from an elevated command prompt: sfc /scannow If errors are reported, run: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Note: Both will take some time to complete Let us know if this helps. UCanFixit
  15. Hi GoldenHands Thanks for all that detail but I am not familiar with Vista so hang in there and see if someone else can help you. Good luck, UCanFixit
  16. You'll need to provide more detail regarding this issue. I think someone from Wise needs to address this issue so hang in there for guidance from a Wise employee. UCanFixit
  17. Hi Billy, You've taken the first notification step by posting here. Next, I would expect someone from Wise to establish communications with you (from this thread) and provide you with a method to deliver the specific details related to the bug you found. Also, I thank you for not posting any specifics here. I am not a Wise employee but I expect someone from Wise to respond, given that you may have found a workaround to get at those hidden file. Thanks for your concern, UCanFixit
  18. Thanks for posting your issue Bruno. I translated it for someone who is familiar with Vista so hang in there for a response.
  19. Did you try to re-download it and install it again (as advised by the error message)? If so, what happened. Please provide more details.
  20. Did you try using the fix option in Wise PC 1st Aid? If so, what happened?
  21. You might be better served to post your issue at the CCleaner forum since it appears that caused your issue. Alternatively, you might want to give Wise Care 365 a try: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  22. Delete all unnecessary programs and give Wise Care 365 a try: http://www.wisecleaner.com/download.html
  23. Nice image. So what's your issue? EDIT: The Op came back and added (edited) this description to his original post:
  24. What kind of win32 error? Do you have an error number?
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