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  1. I have just used Registry Cleaner and lost all my bookmarks. This is the second time that this has happened, the first time was with 365. Last time, I managed to recover them from the Library, but this time I can't. Can any one tell me if this is a glitch, and also if it's possible to back up my bookmarks as I go along? Thanks in advance. 0liver
  2. Hello. Thanks for the reply. My Firefox is version 31.0. Fortunately, I managed to recover my bookmarks via the Firefox library feature. I realize that SSDs are not suited to defragging, but had the impression that this didn't apply to registry defrag. Is this the case?
  3. I decided to uninstall WRC and replaced it with Wise Care 365. Sadly, after running my first clean-up, I found that I had lost all my Firefox bookmarks except for Most Visited. Forunately, I have just done a Windows 7 reinstall, so I only lost half-a-dozen bookmarks. Where did I go wrong? Can I prevent this happening in future? Any advice appreciated. 0liver
  4. I am currently running Wise Registry Cleaner and am very happy with the results. I am about to download and install Wise Care 365 with a view to upgrading to the Pro. version. First, however, I would like to know whether the product is safe as far as SSDs are concerned. Is there anything I need to avoid doing? I have three hard drives on my PC, two of which are SSDs. Also, do I have to uninstall Wise Registry Cleaner before installing 365? Thanks in advance 0liver
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