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  1. Yes, I have Disk Cleaner 8.24 actually. Same issue. I installed Wise Jet Search. It lists all my drives: C:, D: (MicroSD card) and E: (USB Flash Drive). However, it only finds files on the E: drive (USB Flash Drive). Nothing found on the SSD Drive or the MicroSD Drive. Would the portable applications be any different? Cheers,
  2. Thank you Rachelle, I have downloaded that and ran it. It looks good and shows my C:\ drive and my removable MicroSD card. Cheers
  3. Hi Wisecleaner_admin, Thank you for replying and your help. I have ran diskinfo and it comes back with this: C:\fixed media NTFS D:\removable media NTFS The result of SSDidentify is : "Can not get the code" on the Drive C Everything else in perfectly normal. Running Windows 8.1 fully updated. SFC /Scannow not reporting any errors, CHKDSK no problem found. It's a mistery to me so far... Cheers
  4. Hi Wise Helpers, Why is the drive C: not shown on the list of Scan Location, in the Advanced Cleaner section? It is an SSD drive, but should that matter? It is only looking for more files on the drive, isn't it? It will not show a MicroSD card either, but will show USB Flash Drives! On a side note, the C: drive and the MicroSD card are shown in the Disk Defrag section and can be fully optimized or defragmented. I thought SSD would not be defragmented... Thank you in advance. Regards,
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