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  1. Greek translation update to v2.14 Wise JetSearch_greek.zip
  2. Wise Data Recovery - Greek translation Greek translation update to Wise Data Recovery v3.52 Wise Data Recovery_greek.zip
  3. Update Greek translation to Wise Care 365 4.6.304 Wise Care 365_greek.zip
  4. Change language in main application not effect in Tray menu. Only English showed.
  5. I didn't use the Wise Program Uninstaller but the uninstall.exe file of Wise Video Downloader.
  6. A similar problem I had too. I installed the WVD in folder D:\Program Files (x 86) believing it will create a folder ("wise" or "wvd" or similar) and seeing that settled bulk, I run the uninstall.exe to reinstall the program in the correct folder. The result was DESTRUCTION. Deleted all the programs (4 GB) that were in that folder. With Wise Data Recovery I was able to retrieve about 2/3 of files but with effort 2 days and manually copy multiple files. Tragic. Why there is no portable version for this program? I guess the same thing happens with other wise programs that use the s
  7. 1. Because the Greek language has long words, you can give more space in certain fields? (pictures 1 &2). 2. On "Ratings" screen while it seems that there is a rating, below writes "No ratings have been made on this plug-in.".(picture 3) 3. While on IE and Chrome all plugins appear correctly, on Firefox (with English text) as hexadecimal number and one (with English title and Greek description) in Arabic language. (picture 4)
  8. There is an error in icons of social media on main window. On twitter icon appear message for facebook and on mail icon message for twitter.
  9. In times should be shown and the plurals, e.g. 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 1 Month, 2 Months
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