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  1. 1, right-click on the desktop, Arrange Icons By, uncheck Auton Arrange and Align to Grid 2, if not enough, right click on Task bar --- Properties --- Start Menu --- Customize ---- Advanced, find Enable dragging and dropping, checked or not, and if not, then the hook; If there after the cancellation, close the Properties window, then open, then the hook. 3, if not, click on Start --- Run, enter sfc /scannow Repair system, you may need to install the system tray
  2. please more details and clearly about your problem, thanks
  3. please provide process manager running of the list. it maybe caused by extensive use of a process I / O operations blocked the news Schedule and queue. thanks
  4. please open Wise istAid and open function of "computer slow ".
  5. directly use Aid "computer slow " to rapair this one.
  6. After closing the program, check the system resources are low or not. Then run the program again to check the problem persists or not.
  7. Wise PC 1stAid not a universal system repair software that can solve some of the specific system problems. Use Wise PC 1stAid fix system problems, first make sure your system is what the specific problem, and then to the PCA to find appropriate solutions inside. If Wise PC 1stAid your question there is no corresponding solutions can submit questions to the forum, we will reply as soon as possible. Or, you can find a professional and technical personnel to resolve. If you think Wise PC 1stAid Russian translation is not accurate, please tell us, we will inform the translation of improvement. Thank you
  8. your internet speed is not good, please try later . thanks
  9. it is the problem of hardware, i suggest yo to find professional monitors staff and repair it, thanks
  10. please more details and clealry about your problem, thanks
  11. you mean your PC`s monitor goes up 100 or photoshop goes up 100? please more details about that problem, if problems of monitor, so please detect your system, thanks
  12. contact with game developers or please more clearly and details about your problem, thanks
  13. please more details and clearly about your problem, thanks,
  14. please more details and clearly about your problem.thanks
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