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  1. Hi SHU93129, Thanks for your feedback. But, this topic was created in 2 years ago, related on Wise Folder Hider v3. Now, the latest version of Wise Folder Hider is 4.22, it doesn't have memory leak issue. We did a test, followed the steps, didn't find any memory leak related on Wise Folder Hider v4. You can test it by yourself.
  2. You can unchecked this entry: User MRU lists. Or, you can add this to exclusion list HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU\, then wise registry cleaner will not clean Run Command hisstory.
  3. Windows Update Installation is not default item in Windows Disk Cleanup tool, we don't clean it in case you need to install these updates. Sorry for it, some days ago, a few people post spam message in this forum, we already deleted these post and user. Sorry again.
  4. Thanks. I also found this folder in my Windows 10 system at same location with yours. So, I ran wise care 365 to do a full clean (include registry clean, common clean and advanced clean), but this folder is still here. I have no idea about your issue, we will keep eyes on it. If you get this issue again, please contact with us.
  5. I'm happy that you have fixed it. Can you tell me where is correct location of the 'wlan' folder? and please help us to do a test, run Wise Care 365, just Scan, do not click Clean button. Then, expand list to check if wise care 365 will remove 'wlan' folder. Thanks.
  6. Hi chim, Wise Anti Malware can works well with other security products, like Avast. It is a real-time app, and the database will be updated every day. But, currently it cannot run well in Windows XP, we are trying to fix it.
  7. Hi cher.ratan and jpfarns, Wise Anti Malware installer doesn't include virus engine, when you finish installation, it will start to download virus engine. Please close wise anti malware, the Tray will continue downloading.
  8. Hi, I don't think this problem is caused by wise care 365. Can you tell me the error message when you open a website? (If could, please give me a screenshot of it.)
  9. Dear users, We have just released a new product: Wise Anti Malware Beta. This new product can help you defense against Virus, Malware, Adware, Ransomware, Phishing, Spyware and unwanted programs (PUP/PUA). The most important is Wise Anti Malware Perfect compatible with Windows 10 Defender. Please download Wise Anti Malware to try! Please note, The installer doesn't include virus database, after you finish installation, the Malware Cleaner is not activated. Please close it and wait a moment, the Tray will download virus database in background. The download time depends on your internet speed, normally it less than 30 minutes. However, there is still space for improvement for this beta version, please leave a comment or write down the bugs you found below. We would really appreciate that. Thank you! WiseCleaner Team Release Logs: ************************** v2.11 Date: 05-21-2018 Release official version. ------------------------------------- v1.28 Date: 04-23-2018 New changes: + Improved update service. + Improved ad cleaner. ------------------------------------- v1.25 Date: 03-20-2018 New changes: + Fixed the bug "Engine failed to start " ------------------------------------- v1.24 Date: 03-16-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine. + Fixed minor bugs. ------------------------------------- v1.23 Date: 03-13-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine initialization process. + Minor GUI improvements. -------------------------------------- v1.22 Date: 03-06-2018 New changes: + Improved virus engine installation. + Reduced memory usage. + Added 6 languages, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian. -------------------------------------- v1.21 Date: 02-28-2018 New changes: + Fix the bug of high memory usage. + Improved Quarantine function. --------------------------------------- v 1.17 Date: 02-26-2018 New changes: + Improved real-time protection + Fix minor bugs of System Cleaner + Minor GUI improvements. + Updated language. ***********************************
  10. ok. Any further problem, please feel free to contact us.
  11. Q: I have updated video card driver to the latest Adrenalin, but a few days latter it still said I need to update it. Why? If your OS is Windows 10, you may occur this problem. It is not a bug of Wise Driver Care, the reason is Windows Update. Windows Update will automatically update device drivers, sometimes the driver version is not you want. We can change Windows Update settings to fix this issue. A. If you want to block Windows Update to auto install all devices drivers. 1.Tap Win+Break simultaneously to open System 2.Tap Advanced system settings in the left panel 3.On the Hardware tab, click Device Installation Settings 4.Select No (your device might not work as expected) B. If you only want to block Windows Update to auto install graphic card driver (or other specific device) 1.Right click on left bottom Windows icon 2.Click Device Manager 3.Find device name and right click on it, click Properties - Details - Hardware Ids, then copy the ID 4.Tap Win+R simultaneously 5.Enter gpedit.msc to open Local Group Policy Editor 6.Select the Computer Configuration, then select Administrative Templates - System - Device Installation - Device Installation Restrictions 7.Double click to open Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs 8.Select Enabled 9.Click Show, paste the IDs that you copied before 10.Click OK to save settings. You can refer this page to learn more about How to customize Windows Update
  12. Hi, can you give me a screenshot of it?
  13. Q: Cannot connect to server. If you get this error while checking drivers, do not worry about it. Please do the following: 1, press Win+R to open Run 2, type cmd to open Command Prompt 3, type this command: ping liveupdate51.drivergenius.com 4, make a screenshot of the result and sent it to us.
  14. The server blocks ping command. If you can get the ip address, means the server is working well.
  15. Hi xilolee, Please help us to do a test. 1, press Win+R 2, enter cmd to open Command Prompt 3, type ping liveupdate51.drivergenius.com and press Enter to start this command. 4, then make a screenshot of result and send it to us, Thanks.
  16. Hi Serenator, happy new year! The minimize size is 880x580 pix, booth png and jpg is good.
  17. Nice! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
  18. You are welcome! Any question, please feel free to contact us.
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