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Icons lassen sich nicht verschieben

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Hi, auf meinem Rechner (msi Wind U100 mit Windows XP, SP3) lassen sich seit kurzem die Icons auf dem Desktop nicht mehr verschieben.
Auch wenn ich einen neuen Ordner anlege, wird das Icon irgendwo platziert und kann nicht mehr verschoben werden, ist aber weiter löschbar.
Was kann ich tun, woran liegts?
Kann es mit vielleicht meinem Virenprogramm (AVG Free Edition 2015) zusammenhängen?
Danke und viele Grüße

translated from german
Hi, on my machine (MSI Wind U100 with Windows XP, SP3) can be recently the icons on the desktop no longer move.
Even when I add a new folder, the icon will be placed anywhere and can no longer be postponed, but is still volatile.
What can I do, what liegts?
It may be associated with perhaps my virus program (2015 AVG Free Edition)?
Thanks and best regards


Operating system:Microsoft Windows XP (32 bit) Service Pack 3
System root: C:WINDOWS
Available physical memory: 2037 MB
CPU: Intel® Atom CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz
Drive Info:
C: 39,07 GB
E: 106,07 GB
Internet Explorer: 8.0

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thanks for your quick reply.

No my problem is not about the background image, the covered area was created by mistake when I made the sreenshot.

The problem is that i cannot move the desktop icons any more. I can cut them out and paste them anywhere (and of course I can delete them), but "classical" drag and drop is not possible anymore. This happened all of a sudden from one day to the other and it´s rather annoying.


Do you know how to fix that?

Many thanks in advance :-)

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