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Wise Care 365 Pro


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I have a HP QUAD Core - running Windows 8 Pro - with 16 GB of RAM, 750 GB HD.  I have installed Wise Care 365 Pro that updates to version 2.63.  Even though Wise Care 365 Pro is selected to run at Windows Start Up - It doesn't.  


I have emailed Technical Support at least 6 or 8 times trying to get this solved.  They -Technical Support have no solution for this - and here-to-fore have no solution.


The optimization of windows start up speed - for the program runs -  does run.  It generates a dialog box  and when "speed up" is selected - The program generates a message that states that the Software needs the user  - Me to optimize it in manual - because the software is not set to run automatically at Start Up - AND the beat goes on.- And this cycle goes round and round.


Wise Care 365 Pro has NO Solution for this.


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Hi and welcome, PatrickC7 :)


It slows down the PC if you uninstall programs now and then.

Do remember this, there are always copies of files in the system as programs are added, in case

if you had regretted uninstallation, they are quicker to be back . And it is probably these files that are to be blamed. :)


Now I have not Windows 8 and do not know what they have 'said' to you, but have you tried the following and restart the PC:

1. to use the 'Disk Eraser'?
2. defragmenting your hard drive(s)?
3. to uninstall completely with the program 'Wise Program Uninstaller'
and reinstall WC365 again?


Have it in mind: 1. and 2. will take time depending on the size of hard drive(s)


It's just a shot in the dark :)

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