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Wise Care Defaults Cause System Resource Integrity Violations


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I have followed the steps outlined by UCanFixit and they did eliminate the sfc resource integrity violations resulting from Wise Care deleting, by default, the Sample Pictures.


If others are going to follow UCanFixit's steps, note that if you are deleting the files and folders from the Explorer "Found Files" window, it was my experience that I had to refresh the screen (F5) after taking ownership and then deleting each file and folder in order for it to show that the deletion was successful.


UCanFixit mentioned around 15 registry keys to be deleted.  On my Windows 7 Pro x64 computer, I only found four or five "photosamples" keys to delete and a reboot was not necessary for the sfc to report no integrity violations.


I will do the fix to my laptop later this afternoon, which is running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and if there are any changes to what I observed with my main computer, I will post them here.


I still am of the opinion that Wise Care 365 should not be offering to delete the Sample Pictures, by default.  If the programmers are going to continue that option, then they need to program in UCanFixit's steps behind the scenes to avoid having the user encounter Windows System Resource Integrity violations.


One other note:  The actual photos in the "Pictures\Public Pictures\Sample Pictures" do remain unaffected and undeleted for those who really love those photos ... not!


I am very grateful to UCanFixit for his many hours of work and his expertise.  This Forum is extremely fortunate to have someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to his fellow users.  THANK YOU, UCANFIXIT!!!


Have a great day.




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Hey Phil,


That's great news! Thanks for the additional tips on deleting those files. Also, maybe I really only found 4 or 5 registry entries as well. Your findings (eg, number count) seem to make more sense BTW. Also, thanks for all your followup details as they definitely reinforce the precision of the overall procedure.



Best regards,



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UCanFixit and Xilolee:


Just back to report that the laptop is restored to health using UCanFixit's steps.  I counted four folders and three manifest files that needed to be deleted and four registry keys.  I am very grateful to UCanFixit.


That said, how many "average" users would be comfortable "taking ownership" of Windows System Files and deleting them and then mucking about in their registry?  Most of the folks around here, in the small rural community where I retired, don't even know what a "registry" is.


I really do think that the Wise Care programmers need to adopt the philosophy of physicians: "Do No Harm."


My confidence in Wise Care has been seriously compromised by having this issue inflicted upon me.  Thank goodness for UCanFixit, who persevered to find a solution to a problem which should never have occurred in the first place, according to my thinking.


Thank you again, UCanFixit.  You did fix it, not me.  Fortunately I knew enough to be dangerous and had full confidence in UCanFixit's diagnosis and cure.




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