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Preview "Fixes" and undo "Fixes"?


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I've been running Wise Care 365 Pro for a while and have ignored any messages about cleaning up my system. This morning I blindly decided to let the program run thinking I'd have a change to preview the changes. Not so, It ran automatically and deleted a bunch of stuff, some of which it shouldn't have. Twice today I've had a BSOD. I can't remember the last time I had a BSOD on this pc.


Is there a way to preview changes before giving final approval to proceed?


Is there a way to undo the "Fixes" that were made this morning?



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For example, from system cleaner --- common cleaner section, after the scan is terminated you can export every path to a log file with right-click on a casual element/item, export to.

The same applies to registry cleaner and advanced cleaner sections. ;)

(I would have preferred this had been done automatically, BTW)

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