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Bug or feature is not implemented into V3.2.2

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Network Share Drive Letters. If I save a file to my network shared drive letter it shows up as issue under WC v3.2.2 but this is on going. Is Wise Care products supported network shared drives, folders and files. I don't save anything to my C: everything goes to the NAS (network attached storage devices) I mapped drives and folders access. 


Example I save file on drive P and V3.2.2 reads it as issue as it said there is no such drive letter under Registry Cleaner.

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Sorry, current version of wise care 365 does not support to clean network shared drives.

No that's not what I saying. Not to clean network folders or drives, but if you save a file on them the Registry Cleaner doesn't support files saved on network drives letters so the location of them in the registry will removed by wise care then. So that issue is for file allocations then.  So Wise Care only for supports the local PC file allocations. 

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