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Firefox no access to cache

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Hello everybody,


I´ve got an odd problem, perhaps there´s someone out there who can help me.

I am using firefox 32 beta at the moment. There´s an add-on which is called "cache-viewer 0.7.6".
I installed it recently in order to have easy access to my browser cache. Yet it remains empty. So I tried the programme "Mozilla Cache View" by nirsoft. The same results, no access whatsoever.
I know that the cache is located in "Users...... AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox....". So I know the correct path for the right settings.
However when trying to gain access to the path manually by using the explorer I am successful. So the path is correct.

I contacted Camp Firefox and they informed me that there is a new cache-backend in firefox as of version 32.
So third-party programmes cannot gain access to the old API.


My question is now:
Is there anybody who kwows of a programme that is able to list my browser cache entries and works with the new firefox-versions?

Any comments are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance


Rosika   ^_^



P.S.: System: WIN 8.1, 64bit.
Firefox: 32.0 beta


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Hi Xilo,


nice to hear from you again.

I tried several versions of firefox - with the same results. It´s  the same with firefox 33.0 beta as well.

It seems it´s  not a matter of stability but rather a matter of principle. All versions 32 plus won´t  gain access to the cache as the cache-backend has been altered.

The only thing to do is to wait until someone writes a pogramme that takes the new situation into account.


But thanks for contacting me again.


Have a nice weekend

Best regards



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