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When I click on the RAM usage number and CPU usage graph on the widget (Float Window) the individual programs using the most of each pop up with their usage.  This is good.  However, the usage numbers remain stagnate' i.e. unchanged which means real-time numbers are not showing for each program but only a snaphshot of what the numbers were when I clicked on the widget   ISTM that the numbers for each program should change in real-time after you click on RAM and CPU.


Also the graph is too small to be meaningful.  I would show a number for CPU usage number in the widget rather than the graph. 


Widget can be moved to a second monitor and appears to work fine.  However, I have not tested to see if the widget remains after a restart or cold boot in the same location on the monitor where I had moved it to before the restart or cold boot.  


W8.1 Updated Intel i5 with Intel graphics card on monitor 1920 x 1080


That is it for now.

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-Only one problem: Even though it is set to run at startup, it does not. i can also see that it is listed in another utility list of startup items to start automatically. At any rate, I must start it manually.

-I agree with Nesivos that the cpu graph in the widget is too small and should be changed to a cpu usage number.

-I am happy with all else for now. Thank you for the use of this cool tool. It's just what I was looking for and would make a nice addition to WiseCare365Pro.

-I'm running Windows 7 Home with all updates

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