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New Version - 1 Year License ?!?!


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I was going to upgrade to the new version... Wise Care 365 Pro Version 3... but I don't care for the 1 Year License bit. It used to be that when you bought a piece of software, it was yours, forever... and then if a new version came out, the software company graciously allowed you to Upgrade or "Update" for Free, or you would pay a discounted "Upgrade" charge. There seems to be a new trend where more and more software is becoming 1 Year License marketed. I believe there's something stinky about that. A company could hold off some improvements this year, so as to add them next year, and promote a reason to purchase another year license... or something to that effect.


I Like All of the Wise Products and I Use just about All of them. I think I'll stick with my current "Giveaway Version". It works fine for my purposes. And if there comes a time I discover that I need a certain Utility or Tool not available in my current version, I'll look, and most likely find, on the web, some other Freebee/Freeware utility to do the job.


No hard feelings. Thanks for the Great Software! Keep up the Good Work but... do away with that silly 1 year license thing... oh! ...and allow the initial purchase/license to be for at least 2 computers... that would be nice... that would be Kind.


Best Regards,


John B.




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