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problem with firefox

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Hello altogether,


I wonder if anybody could help me with my latest problem. It´s  a rather annoying one.

I am a regular user of mozilla firefox. In order to get a bit variation I´ve installed different themes according to the time of year, seasons etc.

What happens now is that whenever I close firefox and reopen it again the theme I´ve set isn´t active any more and replaced by the standard theme.

It happens from time to time that some of my installed add-ons have vanished too. This however is rather seldom compared to the re-setting of my themes.


I know this is a rather tricky one but perhaps anybody has an idea .....

Thanks in advance





WIN 8.1 update (64-bit)

firefox 29.0.1


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Hi Xilo!


So nice to hear from you again. I hope you are well and everything is fine.


Up and until now I haven´t tried beta 30.0. I really didn´t  think of that, but it´s  worth a shot.

I´ve installed a variety of themes. The problem is prevalent with all of them. But if you want to try you might use "Echinaceas" and "My Garden Tulips".


In the meantime I´m going to try beta 30.0.


Thank you very much.



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I have installed the english version 29.0.1 of firefox, I had already installed the italian version 30.0beta, and I have installed "My Garden Tulips" firefox theme on both (well, on one only, because the other one checks the already installed addons).
I restarted my machine and the theme is there (at its own place).
Hope firefox 30 fixed your problem... :huh:

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Hello Xilo,


Thanks to your suggestion (I wouldn´t have thought of that possibility) I downloaded firefox 30.0 beta portable and installed it on a USB drive.

I installed three different themes in addition to the default one and restated firefox several times.

And believe it or not  my selected theme remains set.  :rolleyes:

Let´s hope it´ll stay that way. At least it looks good. (I have hope again.)


Thank you very much, Xilo, you helped me a lot.

Have a nice evening.

Best wishes and greetings from


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