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Wise Care 365 Pro Disabled Power Management and Screensaver


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I installed your Pro version on my XP-Pro machine from GiveawayOfTheDay a few days ago. I first created a backup and then ran the 'System Cleaner' after doing so I noticed my screensaver stopped working. It doesn't matter what screensaver I use, they all stopped working. I Also found that I'm unable to get my powerscheme to operate correctly e.g. monitor will not turn off at designated time. I tried restoring the backup but it did not help.


Is there something in the settings that I can disable that may be causing this problem.


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Firstly, would you please have us informed whether you are using a laptop? If yes, what is the model of your laptop?


Meanwhile, Is there any other third-party power management software in your device?


About the screensaver issue, if the screensaver has sth. to do with the sample pictures in your folder, then when you use "system slimming", the picture will be cleared.

Next time, please uncheck the item "Sample Pictures of Windows" in "System Slimming" before "Slim Down".


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No, this is a desktop PC running XP Pro.


No 3rd party power management software.


All of my screensavers have .scr file extension.


None of my screensavers work since installing WiseCare, not even Windows default screensavers.

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How can it be? I also used the GOTD version --- system cleaner


but my screensaver works fine until now.


anyway, i'm also waiting for an answer.


hey dolphins, has your screensaver recovered yet?

Since this forum was no help I uninstalled WiseCare. I will reply in this thread when I resolve the power management and screensaver issue.

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FYI: I uninstalled WiseCare, reapplied my power management and screensaver settings, then rebooted and everything is working again.


Hi Dolphins,


Would you please help us to fix the problem you mentioned,

in which way you can make your power management and screensaver working without losing Wise Care 365


1. Please re-download and re-install Wise Care 365 here:



2. Find System Cleaner --- Common Cleaner -- Start Scan and click to start scan.


3. In the result, please find a specific item randomly and right-click it.


4. In the menu shown up, please select "Export to ..." and save the record to a folder.


5. Please send the file in step 4 to our email: [email protected]

We will further analyze and help. Thanks in advance.


Meanwhile, would you please have us known of the name of your screensaver?

Because we have tested but the problem was not occurred.


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Report sent.


More problems!


1. I got a blue screen this morning, possibly a corrupted driver?


2. My camera software is no longer automatically recognized so I have to manually aquire the images to upload them to my PC.


3. Windows Power Management puts my monitor into standby mode when logged out of Windows. I am unable to wake monitor from standby without forcing a shutdown.

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  • 2 months later...



My Power Management issue is still unresolved so I circumvented by not logging out of Windows anymore, which is a pain in the ass because I have another user account for my son. I can't just logout of my password protected account when I'm not using my computer, I have to shut down.


Today is the first time I've used my camera since posting this thread. Even after reinstalling my camera software and drivers it is still giving me problems because of Wise Care 365! Today I had to open my camera program manually even though it is set open auotmatically whenever the camera is connected but today it froze my system and would not close. I had to force a complete shutdown of Windows losing all my work in the process. I am seriously pissed!


Why hasn't anyone responded to this thread? I submitted the my results via email like I was asked but still no reply?


This post will probably go unanswered also so I will do my best to let everyone know about my experience with your program.


Thank you for corrupting my OS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry to reply late.

1, You said that you uninstalled Wise Care 365, and reapplied your power management and screensaver settings, then rebooted and everything was working again.

    It is impossible. Wise Care 365 is only a tool to clean junk files which created by system and applications. It can not block power management and screensaver.

    And we have tested this on XP several times, but no problem on XP. And we will continue to test it.

2, Your camera software problem. You means after reinstalling software and drivers it is still giving your same problem. 

   So, it is not wise care 365 delete some files cause your problem. 

   If you have used  System Optimizer in Wise Care 365, click System Tuneup----System Optimizer----System Default, reset system default settings.


   If you have used PC Checkup, click Custom Checkup---Security Projects, unchecked Windows Remote Desktop Connection, unchecked Windows Home/Private Firewall, unchecked Windows Public Firewall.


   Then click Start----Run---type services.msc press Enter, find out Terminal Services, double click it, reset its startup type as Automatic, OK, and restart system.

3, Reinstall your ATI graphics driver.

4, If you don't have enough technical knowledge, please  never to use "GPU Tweak" to tweak your graphics.





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