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cpu fast voll ausgelastet

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Hallo zusammen,

Seit gestern abend habe ich ein ganz großes Problem.
Von einer Minute auf die andere habe ich fast dauernd eine riesige CPU-Auslastung auf meinem Laptop (80 bis 100 %, laut CPU-Meter). Der Lüfter springt natürlich sofort auf Höchstleistung.
Dabei hatte ich nicht zuvor ein neues Programm installiert oder etwas ähnliches.
Ich habe auch schon nachgesehen, ob etwa Lüftungsschlitze verschmutzt oder blockiert sind .......
Alles sauber und in Ordnung.
Habe auch schon mein Antivirenprogramm (free avast) durchlaufen lassen (auch Malwarebytes) .... Es wurde nichts gefunden.
Ich habe keine Ahnung, was ich nun tun soll.


Ich hab´ auch post-9557-0-17854100-1396977784_thumb.jpgden Task-Manager laufen lassen und bei "Prozesse" nach CPU sortiert. Die größte Auslastung mit 52 kommt von
Leerlaufprozess (Benutzer: System) und die zweitgrößte von System (Benutzer: System) mit 34.
Danach erst explorer.de mit 05 ..... (s. Screenshot).


Kann mir vielleicht irgend jemand einen Tipp geben? Ich wäre sehr dankbar.

WIN7 Home Premium, SP1.
CPU: Intel Pentium CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz (2 Kerne), 4 GB Ram


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Translated from german:

Since yesterday evening I have a very big problem.

From one minute to the other , I almost constantly a huge CPU usage on my laptop (80 to 100% , according to CPU - meters). The fan starts , of course, immediately to its peak performance .

And I had not previously installed a new program or something similar.

I have also checked whether some vents are dirty or blocked .......

Everything was clean and in order.

Have also been my antivirus program ( avast free ) let pass through ( malware bytes ) .... There was nothing found .

I have no idea what should I do now .

I've also WIN Task Manager.JPG run the task manager and sorted in the "Processes" after CPU. The heaviest workload with 52 coming from Idle process ( user : system ) and the second largest of the system ( user : system ) with 34

Only then explorer.de with 05 ..... (see screenshot).

Can I perhaps anyone give a hint? I would be very grateful.

Hi rosika!

Could it be that it happened because of Windows updates?

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Hi Xilo,


nice to hear from you.

Alas I don´t  think that´s  what it is.

Up and until now I tried several things, but nothing helped.

I restored my system to a much earlier point in time by using O&O DiskImage. Thus I was able to restore everything, that is operating system, programmes, personal setings.

But the problem with unusually heavy cpu-workload remained.

I even installed WIN7 from scratch. Here again the same phenomenon.

The thing is it really looks as if there´s  some hardware problem. As there´s  even some warranty time left I´m  going to have my laptop repaired now.


Thanks for your help and advice anyway.

As soon as I get my notebook back I´ll let you know. In the meantime unfortunately I haven´t  got any internet access.




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Hi Xilo,


Oh, sorry to have bothered you for no good reason.

At the moment I fortunately have no problem. I just wanted to let you know that my laptop has been repaired and that the problem we discussed April 13 is now solved.

CPU usage is within normal limits now and everything seems to be just fine.


In my posting April 14 I said:

As soon as I get my notebook back I´ll let you know.


And that´s all I wanted to do, so you know that this matter can be regarded as solved.


I apologize for any inconvenience and wish you a very nice weekend.



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