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How to check the expiry date for WiseCare 365 Pro


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I want to know the exactly date to expire that I can decide to renewal my license. I look at the registry entries but the Expiry Date seems like in binary code that I can't know the date.


Please tell me how to know the day left for my PRO license key.

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Hi KenEzthex,

Sorry, there is not a method that user can view the expire date of their license key.

If you want to know it, please  send me a message and tell me your registry email.

Or you can read the registration email that we sent to you.

By the way, if your expiry date is less than 30 days, wise care 365 Pro will pop-up a window to tell you, you need to renew the license key.



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Thank you for your replied. And I hope it is not expire soon. I saw a giveaway item with Lifetime license for v2.92.236 that is not come with license key. It's just install the application and that's it. So this is true for lifetime license? or it's fake?

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