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How To Use Hard Disk As RAM

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Today we'll tell you How To Use Hard Disk As RAM. Most of the Hard Disk have 5400x and 7400x RPM. Windows has inbuilt function to use a Hard Disk as virtual RAM.


How To :

Right click on Computer and then Properties 

Click on Advanced System Settings.

Click on Advanced tab and Settings in Performance section Open Advanced tab and then click Change 

Uncheck the box :


Now select any appropriate drive and Choose Custom Size and make the following settings : 

Initial Size : 3072

Maximum Size : 10180

Click Set and then Ok.

Now Restart your Desktop or Laptop.


Tips :

Always choose Non-OS or a fast drive for virtual ram. This will surely increase the performance of your Desktop or Laptop. Never Decrease memory because it will slow your PC. It is recommended to use virtual ram. It will make your PC much stable. We also suggest you to use this trick and tweak your windows 7 or 8 pc. You can also choose System Managed Size, windows will automatically allocate some memory to your virtual drive. 





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Hello Linkin,


IMHO, setting (increasing) the pagefile size does nothing to improve system performance. Moreover, for those who do not understand how the pagefile interacts with RAM, I would recommend they maintain the setting to "allow Win to manage my pagefile" so it will shrink and grow as required by the OS. Now, if you look at my screenshot, you will see that I have done just the oppsite of your recommendation. Specifically, I decreased the size to a fixed 100mbs. Here's why:


I have adequate RAM (eg 8GBs) to run without a paging file.

The only reason I have it set to 100mbs is to allow crash initialization so I can capture crash dumps (if necessary).

I have a small SSD and I do not want to reserve an addition 10 GBs of hard drive space (as suggested) that will never be used.


In fact, I have never used a large (fixed) paging file in Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1 and I have never suffered any ill effects. In fact, I'd really like to set it to zero but I don't like the Event ID that is generated on startup telling me that my crash dump initialization failed.






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