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script error message popup

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hen i am going from one page to another andwhen i try to scroll up or down i get script not responding i have two answers i can click on stop plugin or wait for it to resond. its not javascript i used to get those doesnt say name of plugin but whatever site i am on it will list that sites address i have tried googling any free (i hope) download software to take care of it only thing that pops up is java anyone who knows how i can correct this pls respond im at your mercy i have panic attacks my page will freeze uo=p to 5mins i cant scroll or enter ill i get that message i ave always clicked on stop script




Operating system:Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) Service Pack 1

System root: C:\Windows

Available physical memory: 2663 MB

CPU: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

Drive Info:

C: 297.99 GB

Internet Explorer: 11.0

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Hi jdc62866! :)

Try to reset your browser to its default settings.


Hi xilolee,


FYI, resetting to defaults will enable script debugging. The OPs problem is being caused by a poorly written script coming from the website(s) he is accessing. The only way to get rid of his issue is to disable script debugging so IE11 can ignore the errors.

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i use firefox as my main and only browser never use IE  its still happening next time ill copy and paster just says script error message and whatever website i am on like i was shopping on etsy  and the script  was http://etsy then a long bunch of letters and numbers that didnt make sense  never says java script  i have to stop the plugin or continue i have to click one  or the other to make the page run  im not real good with computers so pls stepbystep in english not computer geek language  thks guys i just dont want to pay for a software download to stop r=this or do i? if so which one?

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(it is an information taken from wise pc 1st aid ;) - Yes, it could be more useful if it got the active browser instead of simply get MSIE browser version)

Understood... but it is the OP's responsibility to clearly identify the issue and he/she did not do it. FF was never mentioned and, since I'm not a mind reader, I assumed it was an IE 11 issue. Posters need to start helping themselves by giving specific details related to their issue(s). Moreover, the OPs second response

i use firefox as my main and only browser never use IE

would seem to indicate that I should have known that; whereas, some sort of apology (for not making that clear in the first post) would have been a more polite way to continue the explanation.

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hi everyone thks for all your help i just went back to the scene of the crime etsy.com  page was running when i went to add something in my card paused about 3mins copied what i could so i will fill in the rest  top left corner of popup box which pops up in middle of the screen said warning unreponsive script


A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: https://site.etsystatic.com/assets/dist/js/base.20140103161841.js:1


that was all i could copy and paste on bottom had two boxes which i had to chose and click

1 box said   continue


2nd box   vstop scripot


like i was saying not to good with computers hope i clicked the right one which was stop script once i did that the page loaded and i was on my way  seems like it only happens on etsy  and any google searching i do

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